Did Lilo hit a stroller or just barely tap it? Bill Clinton's drama-filled birthday! Lady Gaga starves herself! Jennifer Aniston: Out with a new man! Fashion police prosecute underaged Willow Smith! Saturday Gossip Roundup is making landfall—take cover.

  • Yesterday, we speculated as to whether or not Lindsay Lohan hit a baby's stroller with her Maserati and sped away. It was very inconclusive! Now, an eyewitness says the pap who sold video of the aftermath, Brian Jaime, is exaggerating the incident. This eyewitness says that Lilo took a turn on a green light and "ever-so-slightly tapped the stroller—like 1 mile an hour." And far from a "hit-and-run," she stopped and asked the woman if everything was alright and the drove away But Jaime is sticking by his story, saying it was a substantial hit—"she was going at least 10-15 miles per hour"—and she only stopped "for two seconds." And another photographer backed up his claim. Hm, maybe the fact that there were a half-dozen people aggressively stalking her had something to do with it? [Radar][TMZ]
  • Lady Gaga's former tour manager says she was hospitalized six times because of her weird diet. She would binge on junk food, then not eat for "weeks". Incidentally, this is the same diet as a boa constrictor. What does it mean? [Radar]
  • Bill Clinton's 64th birthday party in the Hamptons was struck with what Page Six tantalizingly calls "drama". Was Clinton caught in a tryst with the maid? No: A vase broke and a neighbor asked the valet not to park cars on his driveway. I wasn't even a crazy party! Seems as though we've been experiencing some drama inflation of late—the Federal Drama Reserve ought to raise interest rates on scandals. [P6]
  • Recently, Jennifer Aniston was spotted out with Lindsay Lohan's ex, Harry Morton, and everyone made fun of her. But she went to dinner with her Cougar Town co-star Josh Hopkins on Thursday, and all was right int he world. [TMZ]
  • The inevitable Playboy spread for White House-crasher/Real Housewife of DC Michaele Salahi is coming. The shoot will happen this month. If an especially bitter wind sweeps by you in a couple weeks you will now know why. [TMZ]
  • Chris Klein pleaded no contest to his DUI charge, and was sentenced to a 96-hour stint in jail. [TMZ]
  • E's "Fashion Police" blog asks: "Is Willow Smith Stealing Rihanna's style?" and shows a picture of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's 10-year-old daughter wearing a similar hairstyle as Rihanna. How about, no, since she's a fucking 10-year-old. You can't be charged under Fashion Law unless you're over 18. [E!]
  • Kara DioGuardi got fired from American Idol which would be a big deal except everyone already knew she was because TMZ reported it a while ago. At least this way she gets to feel the pain of rejection twice. [Daily Mail]