This November, Epic Mickey for the Wii will hit shelves. This offering from Deus Ex developer Warren Spector is rich with vintage Disney history, specifically the forgotten works. Rediscover some of the most fascinating pieces from the Disney vault.

If you're not up on what the hell this Epic Mickey thing is, the following videos should help.
1. A graphical explanation of the development goals from Spector himself:
2. The official trailer

So what do we know? That we will be exploring the forgotten world of Disney. This is great in that the censorship that comes with the need to pervert a character glossed by franchise owners for almost a century becomes a non-issue. There are so many years of forgotten pieces of classic Disney imagery crafted by imagineers and cartoonists that this single videogame from Disney Interactive subsidiary Junction Point Studios really could be a minor redemption for the corporate logo, at least to a fictional degree. Even a slight reconsideration of such animation masters like Ub Iwerks could very well be a result. The real heroes of the form are never credited in the old world of Disney, so it's right that we should at least see their hard work reintroduced as beautiful, even if corporate Disney could never pay some of these men and women what they are owed.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit will be a featured character in Epic Mickey as the older brother and enemy to the protagonist. What we know for certain is that the following cartoon, Oh What a Night serves as a location somewhere within the game.

You will embody the ideal "hero" Mickey character if you do everything in the game the right way, (the moral way? How far have we come with VG A.I.?) is inspired by the colorized, heroic Mickey Mouse from such old school adventures as The Brave Little Tailor from 1938.

Sneak peaks littering youtube have also revealed a level based on 1951's Plutopia. This short is a trippy one, complete with a suicidal cat.

Creator Warren Spector himself made a point to reference the influence of what is probably the greatest modern Mickey story going, that of Runaway Brain. The short ran before A Kid in King Arthur's Court back in '95 and features the vocal talents of Kelsey "Sideshow Bob" Grammer.