Young guys in NYC are always getting shot. Mostly by other young guys! And while you wild 18-34-year-olds just jump in front of bullets like it's a big party, guess who loses? Your municipal life expectancy, that's who.

Clyde Haberman states the obvious: male life expectancy in NYC is six years less than female life expectancy, and it's due to the fact that 18-34 year olds can't seem to restrain themselves from dropping dead every time one of them gets shot, which happens a lot.

Say a young man of 18 is gunned down. Statistically, he has died 58 years too soon. To compensate and maintain the overall average age of 76 for male life expectancy, six other men would have to live to 85 or 86. That is easier said than done.

Think of the rest of us for once, gunshot victims! How long do you expect Clyde Haberman to cling onto life just to make up for your untimely demise?

[Ha, we're not blaming old Clyde here. But seriously fellas, it would be great if we could all stop shooting each other so much. Fellas? Fellas. Let's get it together, fellas. Pic via]