Ladies: Have you been "bitten" by the "baby bug?" If so, blame those bitches at your work, for messing with your mind. A new study says that women are helplessly influenced by that baby-having of their social betters.

A Swedish study of baby-having in the workplace found that as soon as one woman in your office has a baby—bam!—every other woman suddenly feels like having a baby. More or less.

The results indicate that co-workers' fertility increases the propensity of childbearing among their fellow co-workers...The maximum effect (9% increase in the probability of own childbearing) is reached about 13-24 months after the birth of a co-worker's child, and then declines.

Of course, "individuals are affected by co-workers who have the same or higher, but not lower, educational level." Ladies only look up to their perceived superiors. Science!

[Via Economix. Photo via Shutterstock]

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