How do you follow a double-elimination week on Big Brother? With giant singing clams, impromptu dance parties, and having the only gay in the house vowing on camera to "expose the cracks" within their ranks. And then there were four...

After last week's double eviction that sent Matt and Brendon off to the Jury House, Ragan immediately began to lament his standing in the game. With three Brigade members still in the house plus Lane and Britney's special little bond, Ragan was clearly the odd man out and he knew it. With this week's Head of Household being a do-or-die situation for him, Ragan tried as hard as he could to win in order to protect himself for one more week but was unfortunately bested by Lane. The irony of it all? Lane didn't even want to win! Despite the fact that it guaranteed that he would be in the final four, being this week's HOH wasn't something Lane was ready to celebrate. Being HOH meant, of course, that he'd have to nominate two people for eviction. Ragan was automatically going to be nomination number one. But who would Lane put up next to him as a pawn? It would either have to be a member of his precious Brigade alliance or Britney, arguably his best friend in the game. While his Brigade brothers tried to push for Britney to take the hot seat next to Ragan, it seemed from the get-go that maybe this week wouldn't play out as easily for Enzo and Hayden as they thought going into it. If they needed any evidence of that, they needed look no further than when Lane decided to nominate Enzo for eviction over Britney. Hayden and Enzo immediately began to suspect that maybe Lane wouldn't be quite as faithful to the two of them as they got closer to the end. So much for "bros before hos"?

Meanwhile, back on his one-man island, Ragan took no chances in trying to prepare himself for the Power of Veto competition. In what looked to me like a scene out of "Rain Man," Ragan began studying even the most inane details about the Big Brother house, down to the nuances of his fellow house guests faces on the memory wall, and recalling every single competition and winner in the game so far. It really was a true testament to how much time they must spend bored out of their minds in a house with no TV, internet, or connection to the outside world and just how much free time one really has when there are only four people left. Here's the proof that this game is actually just a summer-long window into insanity.

[There was a video here]

How remembering that Kristen has "Barbie hair" or that Kathy has "Raccoon eyes" would help him in a POV competition I have no idea, but Big Brother please take note that descriptions like these are hilarious and should definitely be incorporated into your competitions plan for next season.

Unfortunately for Ragan this week's POV competition proved to be only slightly related to his marathon cram session, hilarious though it was. Each house guest was tasked with trying to find CDs buried in mud patches in the backyard that had titles made up of a combination of two previously evicted players. They would all be sung a song by a giant singing clam—who held more of a resemblance to Mayor McCheese than anything else—whose songs were a clue about each of the two people whose names made up the answers. After being eliminated in the first three rounds, Britney, Hayden and Lane all worried about the consequences of either Enzo or Ragan winning the POV because it basically guaranteed that Lane would have to pick a replacement. In the end Enzo swooped in right ahead of Ragan to retrieve the final CD, knock him out of the way, bring it to the awful looking clam and win himself the power of veto and his first competition win of the season. Finally.

...And then, in a fit of rage sprinkled with dramatic flair, Ragan threw his CD at the clam and it ricocheted and hit Enzo square in the face. Priceless.

After the POV competition all conversation turned to the question of who Lane would replace Enzo with now that he had secured the power to remove himself from the threat of eviction. Britney and Hayden were the only two people he had to choose from and neither was going down without a fight. Hayden appealed to Britney by telling her that it didn't matter who went up because it was 100% certain that Ragan would be voted out of the house—a cheap move to try and make her feel comfortable with being put up as a pawn. Britney, however, is smarter than her accent and blonde hair would lead one to believe. She immediately began playing some hardball of her own by convincing Lane that if he were to take either of the two men in his alliance to the final two—Hayden in particular—that he would not win the game. More importantly, would either of them even bother to take Lane with them if they made it to the final two? Lane had to wonder. As far as he was concerned, were he to take Britney to the end he is certain he would win. His fellow men in the game, however, had their sights on backdooring her because as the only girl in the house, were she to make it to the final two it could be seen as a sign of strength worthy enough of the grand prize. But the Brigade couldn't break Lane's determination to bring Britney with him to the end and Hayden took the pawn seat next to Ragan.

So here was Ragan's chance! With the Brigade seemingly split over what to do about Britney, Ragan campaigned hard for himself to stay. Britney needed very little convincing in order to agree that keeping Ragan in the game over Hayden would be helpful to her. After all, gays are a girls best friend. But then Ragan seemingly did the impossible and planted the seeds for Lane to use what could be his tie-breaker vote to evict Hayden by telling him that a power move like evicting his friend would prove to the Jury that Lane had finally begun to play the game. As Ragan saw it, with him and Britney in the final four Lane would have a greater chance of winning it all than he would if he ended up next to Hayden—who has nary an enemy in the game—in the final two.

And that's where we leave the house guests as we head into tonight's live eviction hosted by Julie Chen and her bare shoulders.

Now, normally the live eviction is a staid affair, but this week's was pretty awesome. We finally got our first glimpse into life in the Jury House, and while we thought that the grand reunion of Rachel and Brendon would be the highlight it was actually Matt admitting that he had conned the entire house into believing that his wife had a terminal disease that really took the cake. With Kathy—who had battled cancer for ten years herself—seated right next to him at the Jury House kitchen table, Matt exposed his own lie with a smile on his face as his fellow jurors looked on in disbelief. Then walked away in disgust. And finally condemned his soul to Hell.

[There was a video here]

But he's already out of the house! So the worst anyone can do is think he's a scumbag. Done and done.

As for the people still in the game there was still the matter of the live vote and despite all of the promise of a deciding tie-breaker vote from Lane, both Britney and Enzo voted to evict Ragan sending the house's only gay—and saboteur!—off to "meet Julie Chen!" and enter the Jury House. Wait till he hears about Matt's lowdown dirty tricks, am I right?

So here we are. Britney. Lane. Hayden. Enzo. There is your final four, America. We leave the Big Brother house tonight with everyone except for Lane competing in a Christmas-themed endurance competition to see who will win "the most important HOH of the season!" That is, of course, until next week's HOH competition. Who will win? And who will join the HOH into the final leg of the game and compete for the $500,000 prize? Tune in next Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights to find out. Till then? TEQUILA!!

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