Three Republican congressmen who appear in the news occasionally — Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, and Kevin McCarthy — are releasing a book called Young Guns, referring to themselves. They must be important! So who are these sexy, cavalier, conservative idea-machines?

Do watch the above promotional ad for Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders, because it's pretty hilarious. These fresh-faced 40-something bros will change the course of history, did you know? And they'll do it in style. Here's the equally comical publisher's description:

Make no mistake: Congressmen Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and Kevin McCarthy are proud Republicans. But they believe the party had lost sight of the ideals it believes in, like economic freedom, limited government, the sanctity of life, and putting families first. This isn't your grandfather's Republican party. These Young Guns of the House GOP-Cantor (the leader), Ryan (the thinker), and McCarthy (the strategist)-are ready to take their belief in the principles that have made America great and translate it into solutions that will make the future even better, solutions that will create private sector jobs, maximize individual freedom, and establish a better world for our children. This groundbreaking book is a call to action that sets forth a plan for growth, opportunity, and commitment that will propel this country to prosperity once again. Together, the Young Guns are changing the face of the Republican party and giving us a new road map back to the American dream.

They're sizzlin' hot, these Young Guns. So when will they take their shirts off? And is it true that there's a public-bathroom sex tape of The Strategist out there? (He's the "wild one.")

[Sigh.] If only we could elect all three Young Guns for president in 2012.