After watching Glenn Beck for three months (do not try this at home), a common theme emerges: it seems like he doesn't really want you to watch his show.

Certainly, he would ask you to do your own homework to keep the conversation alive, but why would he spend an hour-long television program presenting ideas that he undercut at the very beginning of the program? Why present a video essay complete with primary sources—with video clips, newspaper and book excerpts—if no one is supposed to believe you?

And sometimes, the odder aspect of the show is that even he has not done his own homework—but perhaps that should be chalked up to human error since everyone makes mistakes. Still, the homework aspect of the show is ever-present and is frequently a burden placed on the viewer since he claims his staff is too small to cover everything. Frequently that just gives the impression of neediness, if not poor writing. Observations aside, here are some of the primary source highlights from the last three months:

[There was a video here]