California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman reported for jury duty, and made it into the pool for a trial. Asked whether anyone had scheduling conflicts, the eBay billionaire said she was busy running for governor. She was neither selected nor excused.

According to Whitman's campaign, she is still a "potential juror" for a Redwood City trial. (If being one of two major candidates vying to govern the entire state isn't adequately vital to the public interest to be hands-down excused from jury duty, then what the heck is?) The most annoying part is, you know her every jury-related move had been focus grouped to death, so she wouldn't mistep in her big moment among the riffraff. According to her spokeswoman, Meg "enjoyed meeting her fellow potential jurors, but looks forward to returning to the campaign trail." [NBCBayArea, MercuryNews, image via Getty]