In an attempt to construct a witty cover, Newsweek seems to claim that Obama isn't president. Jonathan Alter's article explores and debunks the network of conspiracy theories surrounding the president. But the cover lines' kind of affirm one myth. D'oh.

Newsweek's cover reads,

The Making of a Terrorist-Coddling, Warmongering, Wall Street-Loving, Socialistic, Godless Muslim President *

In small print below:

* who isn't actually any of these things

As various bloggers note, this would suggest that Obama is no more president of America than he is a Muslim. Hey, maybe Newsweek finally found its lucrative 21st century niche: Conspiracy theorists! They're a great audience—between their high tolerance for paradox and preoccupation with insignificant details, you only need to throw your conspiracy theorizing readers one tiny footnoted bone per issue, anyway. [PajamasMedia via chevronnline]