Boys all over New York are copying Justin Bieber's iconic mop top, a look he stole from lesbians. Like we said, they think it's cool and chicks dig it. But what does this mean for their future?

It probably means that all little boys are going to turn into fashionistas and grooming-obsessed divas. "I've been surprisingly shocked by how much boys care about how they dress," one New York hairdresser said about the little dudes asking for the 'do. One six year-old even admitted that he'd never heard Bieber's music, he just wanted to look like him. He's not even a fan, just a copycat! Another mother was a little worried when her daughter wanted the signature style and asked the hairdresser to keep it "a little girlish." Sorry, lady, but it's too late. Your daughter is already a lesbian. Just sign her up for softball and get ready to ship her off to Smith. And, in a decade, when our high schools are infested with preening, high-maintenance boys and lesbians, remember that we all have Justin Bieber to blame.

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