Once in a while it's important to do some public good on this site (tax reasons, mostly), so here we go: Please help this woman and her children meet the kids' favorite band, Bon Jovi. Here's the story.

A woman named Stephanie emailed us a week or so ago, making an impassioned plea for help. She said she'd tried reaching out to various media outlets to no avail. Her kids aren't dying or otherwise "special," which presumably would have made her mission much easier. They just happen to be nice kids who want to meet Bon Jovi.

So, what the hell. If you're out there and you happen to know Bon Jovi—or if you are the Jovi—drop us a line and we'll put you in touch with this eager fan. (A photo of her three kids and the family dog is above.)

Here's Stephanie's full note:

One night at the dinner table, my husband was telling our boys stories of when he was younger and he got to meet a few "rock-n-roll" stars, and the boys thought it was so cool that he had met with celebrities because that seemed to them as something that doesn't happen to the average person. I told them that anything is possible and if you want something badly, then you will do whatever you have to get it and never let anything stop you. They looked at me like I was insane. You got to love it when they look at you like that!

It was at that moment that I decided to do something to show them that anything is possible and if I could do it…then they could do it too!

My boys are VERY different as most children are. Joshua is 12 and he is so smart, he watches shows like "Monster Quest" and loves learning all about scientific discoveries and stuff like that. Michael is 10 and is the average 10 year old when it comes to stuff. He likes playing video games and watching the Disney shows like "The Wizards of Waverly Place" and the Nickelodeon shows like "iCarly" and "Victorious". Justin is 3 and has the most amazing sense of humor. He can get a room full of people sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see what will come from his mouth.

It was hard for me to try to think of something amazing I could do that all three boys would enjoy together. It came to me one day when we were in the car. Justin was yelling at me "put Bon Jovi on"! He has been listening to the "Circle" album since I purchased it in November of last year. All three of my boys love Bon Jovi's music. Joshua likes "Living on a Prayer", "You Give Love a Bad Name", "Who Says You Can't Go Home", "Have a Nice Day" "Wanted Dead or Alive", and "Lost Highway". Michael likes "Who Says You Can Go Home", "You Give Love a Bad Name", "Have a Nice Day", "We Weren't Born To Follow" and "Superman". Justin, despite being only 3, likes "We Weren't Born To Follow", "Bullet", "Superman", "You Give Love a Bad Name", and "When We Were Beautiful". Being a Bon Jovi fan myself, it is wonderful that I can share this love of a band's music with them. I absolutely love listening to them sing his songs, especially Justin, considering that he is only 3. The song he knows best is "We Weren't Born to Follow"; he likes the song "When We Were Beautiful" because he loves singing the sha-la-la part.

So now, I am trying to find a way for them to meet or have contact with Bon Jovi. I am doing every search possible on my computer and sending this letter to anyone that interviewed with the band or had any reference to the band. I am hoping that somehow this can be relayed to the band. Not sure what can possibly happen, but I am going to continue searching and sending this out everyday until I can get someone to send this to the band. I don't care if I have to send this out everyday for the rest of my life. I'm not going to get discouraged and give up. I want them to see that even the impossible can be possible. I know the chances of them actually meeting the band are slim to none, but I can try my hardest and see what comes from this.

I have sent this letter out each day since the 1st of August to over 100 different people and some of them have been nice and considerate and others were not so nice.

One radio personality said, "Unfortunately, after checking with the record label and management for the band, they can not accommodate your request. The only time something of this nature would even be a consideration is if it goes thru "Make A Wish Foundation" for a terminally ill patient". At first when I got this email, I admit I was saddened, I thought this would be the end of this journey. But then I remembered that the whole point was to do whatever it takes to see this through! Although I am asking if my boys can meet with the band, I am sane enough to know that will probably never happen and if anything they can get a letter back from the band saying they appreciate the support or something.

Another radio personality said "I can speak for the vast majority of the people you are spamming with this story…probably 100% of us can't get you in to see Bon Jovi, much less get any member of any band to see you." Instead of politely asking me to remove her from my daily emails, she decided to let me know I was spamming the world. If anyone asks me to remove them from the email, I gladly do so. I am not out to torture people with this email. I thought that when people wanted help with a matter, they contacted news papers and radio stations; I didn't see anything wrong with sending emails to people. All I am asking is for help to get this message to the band and see what they (Bon Jovi) say back.

A newspaper reporter said "Wow I'm passing this to the right editor". That was a refreshing change! I haven't heard anything back from that paper but it was just so nice to think that someone wasn't offended by my emails.

Two radio personalities were kind enough to say "Unfortunately we don't have that ability. The only idea I could suggest would be to try and contact Bon Jovi management. Best of luck to you" and "Unfortunately, we do not have access to Bon Jovi. Your best bet might be to try their fan club directly. Best to you and your family". I took their advice and have been emailing this to the record company as well. I haven't gotten any response yet, but I do appreciate them steering me in the right direction. It just goes to show that people can be polite and helpful.

A TV reporter said "Wow what a story I'd love to help but not sure I can. Let me think about what I can do". I was happy to hear that and she is working to see what she can do on her end to help me get this message to the band or their management.

The only thing I can do now is keep sending this out and see where it all goes. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I do appreciate it. I am not asking for a miracle, just a little help trying to show my boys that anything is possible. Despite a few unpleasant responses, I have to say that I am happy with what I have accomplished so far and I will keep doing this and not give up.