Yesterday we told you about Briana Ojeda, the Brooklyn 11 year-old who died of an asthma attack after an officer stopped and delayed her parents as they rushed to the hospital. The big question now: who was that officer?

Briana's mother went the wrong way down a one-way street and reportedly struck a parked car as she drove madly to the nearby hospital. An officer stopped her, unsurprisingly—but then, Brian's parents say, he said he couldn't or wouldn't do CPR, and tried to "box them in" and prevent them from getting to the hospital. By the time they made it, Briana was dead. Today, the search for the mystery officer continues.

"He was NYPD from the 76th Precinct. It was right on the side of the car," [Father Michael] Ojeda told The Post.

But police showed photos of all the officers in the precinct to Carmen Ojeda and other witnesses, "and none has been picked out," NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said.

So who was it? Brian's mother Carmen says "she's sure" it was an NYPD officer. A witness on the scene agrees. But city officials say it could have been "a transit, housing, traffic or auxiliary officer, who also drive official-looking white cars - or even a private security guard." And they point out that in addition to the inability of the Ojedas to pick the cop out of a photo lineup, most NYPD officers travel in pairs, and do know CPR.

For now it's still a mystery. When they find the guy, it's going to be a shitshow, one way or another.

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