On Monday, this graphic video of an unknown girl throwing puppies into a river appeared online, much to the consternation of internet-using animal-lovers everywhere. But don't fret: The weirdos and agitators of 4chan's /b/ are hot on the trail.

Update: Bosnian police say they've identified the girl in the video. See below.

Warning: This is a graphic video! Seriously! Don't watch it if you don't think you can handle animal abuse.

[There was a video here]

On Monday afternoon, this video was posted to a thread on /b/—the unruly, lawless "Random" board on the popular imageboard site 4chan—along with a characteristically sweet message: "Find this dumb little bitch and throw her into a river."

The LiveLeak video page to which the /b/ thread linked listed what little information the video's poster could glean from the short clip:

We can determine from the picture so few things.

One, based on assumption, she probably has a facebook account, no matter what country they're in.

Two, she is 5ft 6in-5ft 8in, blond, eye color unknown, Caucasian

She has something written upside-down on her red sweater, barely legible, might be of assistance if it's the product of a local store.

Let's work together on exposing this sicko! Use the comments.

4channers quickly got to work. If there's one thing /b/ is really good at (besides calling each other "fags"), it's finding people—something we all learned the other week, when the board rapidly found a woman who dumped a cat in a garbage bin, and harassed her into confessing and apologizing.

They didn't disappoint: The 4chan miscreants quickly identified the owner of the YouTube account that had uploaded the video, his hometown, and, possibly, his Facebook account. And not just that: /b/tards picked out two Facebook profiles they thought were most likely the girl in the video, as well as profiles of friends and the camera man.

So: Did they get their girl? Uh. I hope so? Because they've already started harassing her and the people around her. The /b/tards are confident that they're right, and they've got some evidence: "Martin," the Bosnian kid on whose YouTube account the video was apparently uploaded first, seems to have posted on a Croatian gaming forum here (via) complaining about 4chan. (Based on a shoddy Google translation, it also sounds like he admits to having something to do with the video—especially in this comment, where he talks about a diseased dog.)

But, unlike the cat bin lady, no one has come forward to officially confess or take the blame, which means that the people singled out by 4chan could just be a couple of regular Balkan teenagers at the wrong end of the unfocused wrath of hundreds of bored assholes.

/b/, for its part, isn't unanimously on board with the apparent trend towards the 21st century version of stringing people up in the town square. But not because dissenting posters have a moral or ethical problem with vigilantism—because they have a problem with caring about stuff. This screencap of one of 4chan's threads (via) gives you a good sense of the tenor of the debate: "This place used to be the darkest pit of the internet... now this place is full of justicefags all over." The future of /b/: Aggressive nihilism versus wrathful lynch mobbing. What a choice!

Update: Per Gawker's Adrian Chen, Bosnian police have launched an investigation into the video, and another video surfaced on YouTube purporting to be an apology.

Here's the alleged "official apology":

Update 2: Police in Bosnia say they've found the girl, who lives in Bugojno—the town 4chan identified.


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