Only some local hobos will use your credit card for unauthorized booze orgies when given the chance, while others will actually be honest, according to a Toronto Star study confirming research in peer reviewed journal the New York Post.

After the Post discovered that at least one local "bum" was honest enough to be trusted with a refined lady's Amex card (SHOCKER), the Star decided to go looking for an honest panhandler of its own. And actually found not one but two.

Reporter Jim Rankin distributed five pre-paid Visas and Mastercards, and while two were spent on booze and not returned, and one was never used or returned, two came back as promised. The money was spent on McDonald's, food, phone calls and cigarettes. Next step up the media food chain for this story: Bloomberg entrusts a bodega customer with the escrow account for a bundle of commercial mortgage-backed securities. Go!

[Photo by robcocquyt/Shutterstock]