Earlier this summer, we started seeing pictures of designer Calvin Klein trotting around town with a 20-year-old model named Nick Gruber. We couldn't find much information on Gruber, but it looks like we finally found his very revealing modeling portfolio.

Klein, 67, was first photographed with the blond boytoy as early as May and the pair have since been seen at a number of movie premieres and charity events in Manhattan and the Hamptons. Last week, Page Six ran a picture in the paper's print edition of the two men walking in Manhattan and described Gruber as Klein's "partner." Looks like they know something about their relationship that we don't.

But we did manage to find Gruber's Facebook page (where he goes by "Nick Oo") and his profile on ModelMayhem.com, which is like MySpace for prospective models and the photographers who want to hire them. (He goes by the name "Nick London" on that site.) [Update: He's since deleted his ModelMayhem profile.]

Based on his Facebook page, Nick is from Crystal River, Florida, graduated high school last year, and is currently enrolled at Santa Rosa Junior College north of San Francisco. [Note: At least that's what he claims. We don't believe all the info he posted to Facebook is true.] He's friends with the general assortment of young ladies and hot gay guys one would expect of a handsome young dude. But he's also friends with a gay pornographer named Blue Blake. Hmm, how did that happen?

Speaking of adult content, Nick's modeling portfolio includes shoots with both Rick Day and Edendale Studios, photographers known for their images of naked men in various states of undress (and arousal). We contacted Rick Day to find out more and a rep told us that Nick London hired them to take pictures for his portfolio (which they said can cost $750 and up, not a small sum for a 20-year-old college student), although they also said they didn't know anything about Nick's connection to Calvin Klein.

So are Nick Oo, Nick London and Nick Gruber one and the same? The pictures suggest as much, although we can't say for certain. But it certainly fits with Klein's longstanding habit of dating strapping young models. But what's Nick doing mocking up photos of himself for rival underwear company Jockey? Klein better smarten up and get his man in some tighty whities and put him on a billboard already! [Photo via Getty]


Calvin Klein's Underwear Model Boyfriend Also Starred in Gay Porn