In your wounded Monday media column: prestigious magazines clash over characterizations, Dana Milbank is now more ostensibly respectable, the alt-weekly war in San Fran rages on, and another departure at

  • Oh hey, a New York magazine vs. New Yorker feud! What could be better, magaziney-wise? Jane Mayer's humongo profile of the billionaire Koch brothers included a reference to Andrew Goldman's earlier profile of them in New York as "admiring." So New York editor Jon Gluck emailed David Remnick to say "Although there is nothing wrong with a positive story, this was not one. Mayer's characterization of Goldman's work is false, at best." Huh oh! What is next, a vaguely undermining profile of David Remnick, in New York magazine? These things can easily spiral out of control.
  • The Washington Post's new editorial page columnist: funnyman Dana Milbank! "Strongly ideological people on the left do not recognize me as one of their own," he says. Gold star to their award-winning opinion section.
  • San Francisco's alt-weeklies, the Bay Guardian and the SF Weekly, have been warring in court for years over allegations that the chain-owned SF Weekly deliberately underpriced ads in order to try to put its competitor out of business. The Bay Guardian just won a huge judgment, but the court case isn't over. All indications are that both sides still have a lot of fight left in them. Suggestion, from an ignorant out of towner: team up, before you both go out of business. Think about it.
  • Carl Lavin, managing editor of, is leaving the company. He follows editor Paul Maidment, who left in June.