Fiendish villains! Lowest of the low! What rogues would dare to kick New York's most respected tabloid sex journalist, Andrea Peyser, out of a golf tournament, simply for a minor breach of security? Tiger Tiger Woods, yall!

Andrea Peyser read some things about Tiger Woods banging a lot of women recently, so naturally she ventured out to the golf course where he was playing to ask him how it was. Come to find out everyone there was terrified of a real journalist:

The surprise came on the first hole of his pro-am, after he hit his approach to the green. Andrea Peyser, a New York Post columnist, walked out into the fairway with notepad and pen to ask him questions. She had never been to a golf tournament and was not aware that reporters were to stay by the ropes.

Andrea reports that she was "booted from The Barclays tournament in Jersey like a used bimbo." That's right—they boot both reporters who break the rules, and used bimbos, too. Where will it end? Somewhere sexxxy, no doubt. Andrea Peyser for Nobel Golf Prize, of sex reporting!