Nicole John, the 17 year-old daughter of the US ambassador to Thailand, fell 22 stories to her death at a Manhattan house party last week. Her death's been ruled an accident. But the hand-wringing over her lifestyle's only begun.

John was supposed to be starting at Parsons today; instead, her funeral's being planned. An autopsy's ruled her death an accident, verifying the earlier claims that she wandered out onto a ledge at Herald Towers (pictured) on her own during a late-night party. Toxicology reports on her aren't back yet, but the NY Post is already calling her "hard-boozing." Over the weekend, her Tumblr was mined by the tabloids to reveal that she drank, took pills, and wrote weepy, self-pitying things about herself sometimes, as most teenagers do:

"If I had the choice right now, I wouldn't take the next breath," John wrote in May. "The people I care about most find it so easy to leave me . . . I'm hurt so deep that I no longer see the purpose."

[A couple months later:]

"Friday night went to a house party and played beer pong, etc., got shwasted/cross-faded . . .

"Saturdayyy went clubbing which was awesome getting VIP treatment, up until the part where I'm trying to hail a cab at 3 am, really really drunk, and these three ghetto black people passing snatch my new iPhone 4."

So, she was a rich 17 year-old girl who liked to party. She had a fake Brazilian ID that she may have used to get into Tenjune the night she died—if any evidence emerges that she was drinking there, then the club will surely become the most visible scapegoat for her death. And that might do some good. But mostly, it just sounds like a sad accident. Stay off of ledges.

[Pic: AP]