The Primetime Emmys are often uncomfortable and horrible, so the only fun way to watch them is with a bunch of people making fun of them. That's just what we're doing and—unlike the real ceremony—you're invited!

So, here's how this live blog thing works. We're all going to tune our sets to NBC at 7pm (Eastern) to watch the red carpet arrivals (the ceremony starts at 8pm). This year, the show is broadcast live in all time zones, so flip on the tube at the appropriate time in your home town. Once that starts we'll be posting our immediate reactions, quips, jokes, and other snide remarks in the comments section below. If you'd like to join us, just type your comment in the white box at the bottom of this post and then click "Share." Congratulations, you've just won the award for best Newcomer to a Live Blog! Don't forget to reply to other people's comments and refresh the page often to read all the new comments.

We're going to live blogging this thing until the bitter end (hopefully not too much later than midnight), so please hang in there with us. If you run out of things to talk about, here are some suggestions.

  • Of course a dissection of every dress worn by every female on screen is essential. It's not sexist, it's just that men all wear boring tuxedos and there are only so many penguin jokes one can make.
  • It keeps things interesting to have a drinking game. What should the rules be? A shot any time HBO wins an award? A chug whenever a winner thanks God or Jesus? A sip whenever an acceptance speech is ended by the band? We're open to suggestions.
  • The outcome of each race will be the major topic of conversation. Let us know who you think will win, who deserves to win, who should have been nominated, who shouldn't have been nominated, and all those other good things.
  • This isn't the Super Bowl, so the commercials aren't that essential, but we're certainly going to be bombarded with promos for NBC's upcoming abysmal fall schedule. Let's try to decide which show will be the best. Screw that, let's just trash which ever will be the worst!

Alright, people, we have lots to talk about. I'll see you in the comments. And remember, it's an honor just be able to watch the broadcast with a bunch of strangers nominated.