Paris Hilton's mug shot looks better than most people's regular photos. Will Spencer Pratt cough up his sex tape? All of Jersey Shore sued for assault. Leonardo DiCaprio gets a restraining order. That is not Sunday Gossip Roundup's purse.

  • More details are emerging about Paris Hilton's cocaine bust! For example, it was a "vapor trail" of marijuana which lead a cop to investigate the Cadillac Paris and her boyfriend, nightclub mogul Cy Waits were hotboxing on the Strip. When Paris went into her purse to pull out a tube of lip balm, a small baggie of coke fell out. It's almost like she wants to get caught at this point. Meanwhile, her lawyer tells us not to "rush to judgment," and Paris is claiming it was not her purse. (Must have been Cy's?) We will judge this, though: Paris Hilton's latest mug shot is definitely better than her last two (see below for a comparison). Pretty soon there will be enough for a calendar! [AP]
  • There's been much speculation about the Heidi Montag-Spencer Pratt sex tape, but apparently nobody's actually seen the damn thing. Now, the president of Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch is demanding to see at least 30 seconds of the tape. Seems fair, given that Spencer is asking for a cool $5 million. [TMZ]
  • The Real Housewives are pissed they aren't making as much money as Snooki. Snooks gets $30,000 per episode for Jersey Shore, while the New York Housewives—Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, and Alex McCord etc.—make only $4,000 an episode. 3 housewives = 1 Snooki? Sounds about right. Rumors are now circulating that the housewives are looking at "other options." Please, God, no more sex tapes. Give them as much as they ask for! [P6]
  • Speaking of Snooki: Some woman is suing the entire cast of Jersey Shore for assault, claiming that one of their security guards attacked her. The incident occurred the night of the infamous coldclocking of some dude by Ronnie. [Radar]
  • Wanna see more unreleased rehearsal footage of Michael Jackson? Some Guy named Ron Newt is shopping around footage from Jackson's 1981 Triumph Tour. What would be amazing is if this was somehow shot in 3-D, just like "This Is It". [TMZ]
  • Aw: When tennis star Andy Roddick heard that a New York Magazine reporter got in a fender bender on their way to one of his tennis matches, he sent him a personal note and his manager got him free tickets for an upcoming match. We got in a car crash too, Andy! It had nothing to do with your tennis match, but still. [P6]
  • Of course this is how PEOPLE opens their article on Brooke Shields breaking her hand during a rehearsal for a musical: "Actors are told to 'break a leg' for good luck. But a hand, too?" AH! Sorry, we just had a waking nightmare of working for PEOPLE. [PEOPLE]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio has a stalker: Livia Bistriceanu claims she is married to Leo and is carrying his child: The baby is named Jesus. Bistriceanu has done some creepy things, like sending letters and camping out at Leo's house. He just got a restraining order, because apparently he doesn't like this?. [DailyMail]
  • Former Bachelor stars Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders got married in Vegas last night. Careful, Ann, they say if you marry someone with a silent "C" in their name there's a 30% chance your baby will have snakes for arms. [People]