Arrested for cocaine possession while hotboxing in an Escalade in Las Vegas, Paris Hilton was in jail from 11:30PM last night until the wee hours of Saturday morning. Why did she tweet about watching TV all night? Update: New theories.

According to the Associated Press, Paris hanging out in a marijuana smokehouse when it all went down:

Paris Hilton was arrested on the Las Vegas Strip late Friday after police saw a cloud of what they suspected was marijuana smoke wafting from the windows of a black Cadillac Escalade driven by her boyfriend [nightclub mogul Cy Waits], then found a small amount of cocaine in her possession.

Officer Marcus Martin said police found that Hilton had a substance that tests later showed to be cocaine, but he did not say how much of the drug was found. She was arrested on a felony cocaine possession charge. If convicted of the low-grade felony, Hilton would get probation, but any violation would be punishable by one to four years in jail.

According to CNN, "Hilton was taken to the Clark County jail. She was released after authorities determined she was not a flight risk."

A millionaire heiress who regularly yachts with rumored arms dealers isn't a flight risk? But I digress. (And don't actually think she'll run. She's been to jail already, remember.) The weird part is that, around 3:30AM PDT, Paris tweeted about spending a quiet night in, watching Family Guy.

How is that possible? We don't yet know the exact time of Paris' release from jail—maybe she emerged, went straight home, and started watching Family Guy and tweeting like nothing had happened? (Maybe she was still high? Or had a terrible case of the munchies, and didn't want to eat in silence, so she turned on the TV?) Or she didn't watch TV, but was laboring under the impression that nobody would find out about her arrest and night in jail? (Can she seriously be that dumb?) Or she has a special Family Guy screening room inside her head. Or someone else runs her Twitter feed and had no idea that the boss was in the clink all night. Update: The Associated Press adds a new theory: "It was unclear if the tweets were coming from her, being sent out on time release or being sent by someone else."

The good news is that, with Lindsay Lohan's legal drama winding now, we now have a new series of celebrity court dates to anticipate with the sickest of glee. [AP, CNN, @parishilton, @parishilton, image via Bauer-Griffin.]


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