The Emmys are this Sunday, and we're a little bit excited. (But not too excited.) Especially when we remember just how fraught with peril TV's big night can be. Let's look at some of the worst, shall we?

Last year's Emmys were, well, they were just alright. Nothing great, but nothing horrible either. The previous year's show in 2008, on the other hand, was an unmitigated disaster. That was the year the show was hosted by the five people nominated as the best reality show hosts. God, it was awful. Here's a highlight reel of all awkward moments, which appeared here the day after the ceremony.

[There was a video here]

The funny thing is, not much has changed. It's going to be the same bad bits, crappy dialog, annoying acceptance speeches, and, sadly, nearly the same exact shows nominated as two years ago. But, no! Maybe this year will be better! Maybe Jimmy Fallon will be a great host, all the really deserving shows will win, there will be a really awesome production number, and Conan will win an Emmy and shove it in NBC's face on their own network! That would be awesome! OK, OK, we'll watch again this year.

And since we're going to have to watch it, we'd love you to come and watch it with us. We'll be live blogging the festivities starting at 7pm (Eastern) so that we can watch the red carpet arrivals on NBC. The ceremony starts at 8pm (again, EDT), and we'll be adding all our quips and reactions as the show happens. This year the show is broadcast live in all time zones so that readers from all over the country can join in the fun! Wow, this Emmys might just be worth watching after all!

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