Last week, we discovered that Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski chugs vodka from a mug before noon. This week, she dispels that rumor. She's not drunk, just "extremely hungry, to the point where I feel like I might lose control."

Mika does not admit to consuming a single drop of vodka in Grub Street's weekly New York Diet column, which tracks everything she consumed for a week. But in the process of dispelling the rumor that she's a daytime drunk, Mike inadvertently starts one that she is a ravenously hungry, foamy-mouthed wolverine that devours everything in her path. Between Mika's daily two-shot, extra-hot, extra-hot red-eye mistos from Starbucks comes this frightening tableau (emphasis mine):

I sometimes get extremely hungry to the point where I feel like I might lose control, and instead of going to bed hungry—because I have to get up really early in the morning, around 3:45, and if i go to bed frighteningly hungry I then can't sleep, and that's a bad cycle—when I'm really, really weak and don't want to fall off the wagon, I eat like a half of a box of Cheerios. It's like five servings in one bowl, and of course skim milk. My husband calls me Jethro when I do that. He's like "Okay, Jethro." I guess there's some character named Jethro who likes to eat or something? I have no idea what that's a reference to. [Editor's Note: It's from The Beverly Hillbillies.]

Now we know why fussy stars need assistants to keep tabs on their diets: To not do so would be to risk total dietary meltdown. Now would someone at MSNBC please feed the talent, already?

On the other hand, sometimes I forget to bring a lunch to work, and am too lazy to go out and buy one, and at the end of the day that "extremely hungry, to the point where I feel like I might lose control" thing could apply to me. Celebrities, they're just like us: They binge eat in the dark of their homes at night. [GrubStreet, image via Getty]

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