Drinking is great! Drinking is fun! And YouTube is full of dudes just chilling and doing ridiculous things while intoxicated. Still, there's a difference between being drunk and being drunk. Here are ten of the drunkest guys ever videotaped.

Drunk Guy Loses His Flip Flop

This incredibly blitzed bro in a Hurley tee shirt is locked in the age-old battle of drunk man vs. flip flop. Looks like flip flop wins.

Drunk Guy Fails Breathalyzer Test

Hey Dude With The Blood Alcohol Level of 0.4, let's celebrate the fact that you're not dead by partying more! PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!

Drunk Guy At The Beach

Nothing says summer fun more than sand, Speedos, and being so obliterated that you struggle to put on your pants as your shirt.

Drunk Guys Setting Up A Tent

Drinking might be the only thing to make the slow and dull process of setting up a tent less painful, but clearly these dudes took that way too far.

Drunk Guy Going On A Beer Run

This guy gets an A+ for effort. He will get his beer, no matter what it takes.

Drunk Guys And A Tree Stump

It's always a good idea to move a tree stump by bicycle, especially when you're completely smashed.

Drunk Guy In A Police Station

I assume he's going to have to pay for that dent he put into the wall—along with his DUI fine.

Drunk Guy Mistakes His Bed For A Toilet

Your bed: an acceptable substitute for a toilet when you're in college and your dorm's communal bathroom is too far away and you just came back from that party where you totally killed in beer pong.

Drunk Guy Loves His Own Reflection

This guy is intoxicated with the reflection of his intoxicated self. Everyone looks better after a few tequila shots.

Drunk Guy Illuminates The Meaning Of Life

That was mad existential, dude. Now pass the Two Buck Chuck.

Drunk Guy Vs. Treadmill

No pain, no gain.

Drunk Has Major Issues with a Minor Incline

Video proof that sometimes it's best just to give up.