Oh my god! The Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn has two baby baboons, and they are so cute. They also don't have names, and the zoo is holding a contest to name them. Do you want to watch them play?

Here's a video of the two baboons, who were born in July to two different mothers, both shipped in from Bucknell University (you know what they say about Bucknell girls) to mate with Bole, an 18-year-old male and longtime Prospect Park resident:

Currently, the babies are known as "#1" and "#2" (which is what my parents called my brother and me!), but the zoo is asking people to submit names at its website for a contest that will be decided Sept. 24. Help us think of some good ones! Here's what we have so far:

  • Bedford and Stuyvesant
  • Brown and Stone
  • Tom and Di Fara
  • Marty and Markowitz
  • Hipster and Hasid
  • Gowanus and *Barfing Noise*
  • Fuck You and Bruce Ratner

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