Welcome to another edition of our Project Runway commenting party! Join us and celebrate! And please be advised: This isn't a formal party, so there's no need to get out the good china or anything.

Unless, of course, it's the kind of "good china" that Peach was referring to last week. (Pssst—she meant her vagina!) You can get that out if you want—anything you do in the privacy of your own home is fine by me! By the way, Peach's quip reminded me of how my right-wing high-school social studies teacher used to always refer to Taiwan as the "the good China." So now, thanks that teacher and Peach, I will think of lady parts every time I hear the word "Taiwan."

Anyway, let's talk about the live blog! For those of you who haven't attended this little penny-social before, here's how it works: You turn on Lifetime, watch the show (which starts at 9 pm Eastern), and post a running commentary—along with the rest of us—in the comments section below this post. To get an idea of how it works, just check out this selection of my favorite comments from last week's live blog.

Speaking of favorites, I asked everyone to vote last week for their favorite "Kors-style runway put-down" (KSRP) from the previous week's live blog. Among the three nominees I selected, commenter sweet_communist prevailed in a one-vote squeaker over robina with this description of Casonova's look: "R2D2 in a dominatrix ballgown." So congrats to the sweet commie! And I must say, I was impressed by the high voter turnout—who says people who watch a lot of TV are apathetic?

Other memorable moments from last week's live blog included these:

  • Our dislike of Gretchen reached a fever pitch. In fact, our favorite new phrase is "shut up Gretchen," which was expressed by commenters a total of 18 times during the live blog. Yes, I counted. We even created a new #shutupgretchen tag.
  • Gawker's Brian Moylan dropped by to turn us green with envy with the news that he has once again been invited to this Runway season's final runway show—which, unbelievably, is only two weeks away.
  • We added a new rule to our drinking game: Drink whenever Gretchen refers to someone else's garment as "student work."
  • Spirit Fingers shared her husband's description of April's look: "big trouble in little diaper." We need to get that man his own commenter account.

And here are a few things I suggest we watch for tonight, based on a few things I saw on a "highlight reel" DVD of the coming episode:

  • We will see a two-team challenge filled with drama. At one point, Tim Gunn will lambaste one team with an angry smackdown that includes this choice line: "I don't know why you allowed Gretchen to manipulate, control and bully you!" So get ready to love Tim more than you do already.
  • One designer will duck a question by bursting into melodramatic crocodile tears on the runway— inspiring this look of disgust from Nina Garcia Fasion Director of Marie Claire Magazine. New lesson for designers: Don't bore Nina, and don't bullshit her either!
  • The guest judge will be the lovely and talented designer Georgina Chapman, who just happens to be the wife of the show's executive producer Harvey Weinstein. Also, her hair will look just great. In fact, maybe she can sit Heidi down and have a little talk with her about the hair thing.

OK, guys, it's almost time for the live blog to start, so I'll see you down in the comments. Oh, and one more thing: Shut up, Gretchen!