Khuram Sher was one of three men arrested in Ottawa today under suspicion he planned to carry out attacks as a member of a terrorism group. He also sang Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" on Canadian Idol two years ago. Video below.

According to the Toronto Star, the Canadian authorities believe Sher has ties to Al-Qaeda:

Ottawa's Integrated National Security Enforcement Team had been tracking the men for months and one of the suspects is alleged to have ties to high-level Al Qaeda affiliates abroad, sources close to the case told the Toronto Star.

Known as "Project Samosa," the RCMP investigation reportedly began with intelligence passed on by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

The plot involved Canadian targets but was not "specific," said a police source, adding that the arrests happened quickly since one suspect was planning to travel abroad. The alleged ringleader had reportedly travelled earlier to the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan in search of training.

It seems his views on Western culture have changed a bit since 2008 when the Pakistan native appeared on Canadian Idol with a bushy beard and skullcap and declared himself a fan of "hockey, music, and acting." Is this what a rejection on Idol does to a person? His appearance on the show is below.

[There was a video here]

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