"Do it again," murmurs Miley after a public, videotaped spanking. Drew Barrymore wants to punch a "bitch" journalist. Enrique Iglesias: "Fame is the best aphrodisiac you can have." Thursday gossip is for the fetishists.

  • Backstage before a concert, Miley Cyrus was wearing black leather booty shorts when her mother spanked her on camera. The vignette begins when a hyperactive Miley threatens to turn Tish Cyrus into child services, and Tish backhands her right butt cheek. Later, Miley runs into the corner and Tish chases her with a hairbrush. More spanking. "Do it again," Miley murmurs. "Just kidding." Far more disconcerting than their quasi-sexual banter (which sounds worse than it looks) is seeing Miley's "cool mom" in her element. I thought Tish was a back-up dancer or teenage friend at first: She has hair-extensions down to her butt and wears more makeup in daily life than her daughter wears on stage. She may share a makeup artist with Taylor Momsen. [HuffPo]

  • Speaking of Miley, she just broke up with actor boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. She was only three months away from being old enough to have sex with him without breaking the law. [OMG]
  • Drew Barrymore called a journalist a "bitch" for asking about her wild child past. "God, I wanted to punch her, she would just not drop the youth thing. I have no problem talking about it." As long as you don't have a problem with getting punched. [EveningStar]
  • Freed from the shackles of rehab and her booze-sniffing SCRAM ankle bracelet, Lindsay Lohan is roaming the streets of Los Angeles again. Her first post-incarceration photograph featured the sober starlet gamboling through a Beverly Hills parking garage with a can of Rockstar in her hand. (Uppers supplant downers?) She wore a black studded leather jacket, tight black tank top, tight black cut-off shorts, black knee-high socks (?!), and Rayban sunglasses. [People, TMZ]
  • L.A. detectives are don't investigating Mel Gibson's domestic violence allegations. They've turned over their findings to the prosecutor, who will now decide whether and how to formally charge him. [People]

Montana Fishburne did a test shoot for Playboy. Just like her idol Kim Kardashian, who posed for Playboy right after she became a porn star. [TMZ]

  • One of the stars of Cake Boss—TLC's version of Jersey Shore, but set in a bakery—has been arrested for the aggravated sexual assault of a minor. He hasn't paid the $300,000 bail yet, and TLC is already distancing itself. [TMZ]
  • Another day another Mariah Carey pregnancy rumor. This time she's "4 months pregnant." At this point, I really hope she is pregnant. The alternative—that we are incapable of seeing a woman gain weight without assuming there is a second human hiding inside her belly—is simply too depressing. [Radar]
  • Glee's Mark Salling two-timed co-star Naya Rivera, who apparently reacted the same way her TV character would, by gathering a gaggle of girlfriends and egging and keying his car. One of Salling's friends defended him: "He's on top of the world right now and living it up. Besides, it's hard to call it infidelity when they weren't officially together." Burn. And, call me? [Us]
  • Asked about his pre-fame love life, Enrique Iglesias responded, "Are you kidding me? I couldn't get laid in a whorehouse when I was younger. [...] I don't care what people say, fame is the best aphrodisiac you can have." [P6]