Today at Gawker.TV, Glenn Beck says he's the reason America thinks Obama's a Muslim, what's next for Bored to Death and Always Sunny, Louis C.K. finds Osama bin Laden, and a sensitive Brian Kilmeade introduces America to his teddy bear.

Louis CK Goes to the Dentist and Finds Osama bin Laden
During a dentist trip on last night's Louie, dentist Stephen Root had to use some pretty strong gas to put Louis CK under. When he was finally out, Louis took a brain trip and met a guy everyone wants to find.

On the Set of Bored to Death, Season 2
It's strange to see the notable cast of Bored to Death (Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis, Ted Danson) sharing screentime with the actual family of Bored to Death creator Jonathan Ames.

Fox & Friends Love Teddy Bears
The results of a travel study presented Brian Kilmeade an opportunity to show his sensitive side on Fox & Friends this morning. After learning that one in four men travels with a stuffed friend, Kilmeade introduced his best bud.

The Cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Share What's Next for the Show
Danny DeVito, Glenn Howerton, and (newlyweds!) Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney talk about what's to come on the next season of Always Sunny. From the sound of it we'll get babies, Tom Sizemore, a "road trip" to New Jersey.

Glenn Beck Proves He—Not the Internet—Is Source of Obama Muslim Rumors
Beck does preface his arguments with "Obama is not a Muslim" but turns around and starts a 15-minute segment on why America thinks Obama is a Muslim. Although this clip's not 15 minutes long, some of the highlights are included.