In your backwards Wednesday media column: Major Garrett leaves Fox News, Sharon Waxman waxes on about her competitor, a VQR editor's suicide considered further, and a man from the future speaks out.

  • Fox News White House correspondent Major Garrett is leaving TV altogether and taking a job as a Congressional Correspondent for National Journal. In print! Weird, no? Won't you miss the glamor of...being a cranky stenographer for the WH press secretary, Major? Okay, we understand.
  • Over at The Wrap, Sharon Waxman wrote an astounding number of words about the fact that Janice Min used the word "bitch" in a headline at The Hollywood Reporter. And also about how Min is making THR all tabloidy, and how, well, let's be honest, Janice Min is no Sharon Waxman.
  • Former Virginia Quarterly Review managing editor Kevin Morrissey committed suicide earlier this year. A subsequent story insinuated that Morrissey had been driven to kill himself by the bullying of his boss, Ted Genoways. That story spread, and now, another former VQR employee contributor, Tom Bissell, has written a piece in the NYO refuting that narrative. All we know is that suicides are incredibly sad.
  • "Newspapers as we know them will be irrelevant within 12 years," according to Ross Dawson, a professional "futurist," which is a job where you convince people to pay you a living wage in order for just making up things that contain hefty amounts of jargon. He also said something about crowdsourcing!

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