The body of Gareth Williams, a British spy connected to MI6, was found stabbed to death and stuffed inside a bag in the bathtub of his apartment close to MI6 headquarters. So...let's not jump to any conclusions.

  • "Reports suggested he had worked at GCHQ, the government's secret listening service in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and had been on secondment to MI6, the secret intelligence service. It is thought he could have been dead for up to two weeks."
  • "Elsewhere in the top-floor flat - in a bizarre ritualistic scene - his mobile telephone and a collection of SIM cards were carefully laid out."
  • "He was an extremely intelligent person but would not talk about his job as it was a secret, on account of working for GCHQ. All he told me was it was something to do with codes."
  • "Land Registry documents revealed the block at number 36 is owned by a private company, New Rodina. Its details are hidden because it is registered in the British Virgin Islands and is not listed with Companies House. The word rodina means 'motherland' in Russian and Bulgarian."

And then, of course, there's the cop who says "If he really was a spy, you imagine someone would have reported him missing rather sooner." Yea. That's convenient.

[Photo of London police officers outside Williams apartment via Getty]

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