Here's an early teaser trailer for Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire followup, 127 Hours, a grim true story about a young rock climber named Aron Ralston (Franco) who, in 2003, amputated his own arm to free himself from a rock.

That's also Kate Mara and Amber Tamblyn there as young climbers who get momentarily wooed by Franco's dashing recklessness. Franco seems like he's in his keyed-up manic mode, which is an oddly good fit for such a strange and gruesome story. I'm curious about this one, though think it's a little strange that entertainment writers are positioning this as a potential Oscar movie. This seems more like a movie they should show to boys from UVM and Boulder who are starting to get too cocky. Though maybe those things aren't mutually exclusive.

Curious about the gory details? Here:

After five days of trying to lift and break the boulder, the dehydrated and delirious Ralston prepared to amputate his trapped arm in order to escape. He forcibly levered his forearm against a chockstone until both the radius and ulna bones broke. Using the dull blade on his multiuse tool, he then cut the soft tissue around the break. He used the tool's pliers to tear at the tougher tendons. Although he never named the manufacturer of the tool other than to say it was not Leatherman, he did describe it as "what you'd get if you bought a $15 flashlight and got a free multi-use tool".