Remember those cartoons you loved as a kid like Rocko's Modern Life and Ren and Stimpy? They seemed so funny at first, but really there's some serious depravity going on. A collection of the worst innuendos and inappropriate jokes inside.

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When you were a kid, there were certain things you saw and heard that just went way above your head. Now that you're older with a significantly dirtier mind, you can catch all the jokes the writers sneaked past the censors. Although movies and TV shows have been doing it for years, kids' shows are ultimate champions of getting crap past the radar.

Tex Avery

The creator of icons such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck worked in the Golden Age of Hollywood animation and was known for pushing the envelope in cartoon content. Almost half of Red Hot Riding Hood, one of his most famous shorts, would have been cut by the censors for a less than family friendly moaning musical number and references to bestiality. Want to know where Tom and Jerry, Spongebob, and Roger Rabbit got it from? Look no further.

Rocko's Modern Life

This children's programing staple reeked of sexual innuendos. We have a pants-less wallaby whose best friend is a heifer with a sausage obsession. His dog, Spunky, had sex in a closet with a MOP. On several occasions, Rocko ends up naked while being seduced by Mrs. Bighead, once ending up shaved and in her mouth. They even played a "Spank the Monkey" game and ate at fast food joint called "Chokey Chicken." Yeah... enough said.

Spongebob Squarepants

Besides Spongebob and Patrick's rather questionable relationship, penis jokes and phallic imagery run rampant in this show. The crowning glory of innuendos: replace every mention of "karate" with "sex" in "Karate Choppers" and you get an entire episode revolving around unresolved sexual tension. Sandy Cheeks? Bikini Bottom? Seriously, where do they get this stuff?


Ah, Chowder. It's the Ren and Stimpy for the current generation of kids. Set in the country of Marzipan, its main characters are various anthropomorphic animals, mythical creatures, and talking food. Created by a former storyboard artist of Spongebob Squarepants, it comes as no surprise that Chowder has countless fellatio visual gags and testicular jokes over the course of its three seasons.

Those poor kids. They have no clue what they're watching.