Yep... Ew. Also today: Steven Spielberg is doing Stephen King's son a favor, several bits of casting news that are either good (John Hawkes!) or bad (Jamie Kennedy...), and the return of Dustin Hoffman.

Indie director Steven Spielberg is teaming up with underground poets Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) to produce a TV version of the comic book Locke & Key, a Maine-set supernatural chiller about a magic door that was written by Joe Hill, the son of obscure novelist Stephen King. Just regular guys doing regular things, regularly. "Hello? Two blockbuster screenwriters speaking." "Yes hello, it's Steven Spielberg. Would you like to make a TV show from Stephen King's son's comic book?" "Sure. See you at 8?" "It's a date." Good for them. [THR]

Casting newz! First: Jamie-Lynn Sigler will be filming a pilot for the prestigious Lifetime Television Network, which plays exclusively in rest homes and the mental wards of public hospitals. It's about ER's own Sherry Stringfeld being a wizened police detective and Meadow Soprano being her rookie partner. Together they solve crimes of the law and of the heart. Y'know, Lady Stuff. Girl Business. Gentlemen's Terror. Tampon Topics. That sort of thing. The other casting news is far more MANLY. John Hawkes, the onomatopoeic actor (he looks like some kind of bird) who played in Deadwood and Eastbound & Down, has joined the cast of the new FX show Outlaw Country. He'll be a criminal in the Southern mafia. Familiar territory for the Winter's Bone star. His costars are Mary Steenburgen as a mom to a country singer (an actress named Annabel Lee, which must be a fake name, right?) and this beast, playing a character who's trying to get out of the crime world. Sounds a bit like Justified, and it's on the same network and everything. But whatever, Justified is great! [Deadline]

The Footloose remake just keeps getting... somethinger. First Kenny Wormald, actual dancer, signed up. Then Dennis O'Quaid joined the cast as the mean Mr. Lithgow preacher creature. And now area bad actress Andie MacDowell has enlisted, as the Dianne Wiest part. It's actually something of a reunion, as MacDowell and Quaid have played marrieds before, in the HBO movie version of Donald Margulies' play Dinner With Friends. Very different roles! In this they'll be uptight middle American Christians who think dancing is the devil. In Dinner With Friends they were wealthy East Coasters with a house on Martha's Vineyard and foodie tendencies who, well oddly enough, think dancing is the devil. That's how I read it, anyway. Did you guys get that from Dinner With Friends? The fundamentalist dancing theme? No? Oh, hm. I guess I read plays weird. Anyway, Andie MacDowell is not a good actress, right? [EW]

Jamie Kennedy is starring in a movie produced by WWE. Doesn't sound bad enough? Well, here's the description: "Kennedy plays a district attorney who's trying to bring down a rogue New Orleans police detective (WWE ring star Adam "Edge" Copeland) on corruption charges. One the day the DA loses his case, his prized possession, a 1956 Studebaker Goldenhawk gets swiped and complications ensue as the lawyer tries to get his car back." So let's amend that. Jamie Kennedy is starring in a movie produced by WWE about an old Studebaker. Whee! The good news? Jessica Walter, Phillip Baker Hall, and Jennifer Esposito are also in the cast. And so is Alicia Witt. Weirdest movie ever made. Or at least weirdest movie about an old Studebaker ever made. Most old Studebaker movies are pretty run-of-the-mill. The Studebaker mill, where they make the Studebakers. [Deadline

Taylor Schilling, the actress who came out of nowhere to land the lead role on NBC's failed Mercy last season, has signed on to star opposite Zacariah Efron in The Lucky One, a drama about a guy coming home from Iraq. It's based on a book by Nobel laureate Nicholas Sparks and is not to be confused with The Lucky Ones, a 2008 drama about people coming home from Iraq. Well done, Sparksy! It's kind of weird that Schilling will be Efron's love interest — her picture kept him company during his three tours, even though he's never met her — because though she's only a few years older than him, she looks way older. Also weird is that plot line. It's a romance about a soldier's whack-off photo? Well done, Sparksy? One could almost call this romantic movie a bit... sappy. [THR]

Aw, everyone kissed and made up. Dustin Hoffman had initially decided not to do Little Fockers, the third movie in the Meet the Parents trilogy, because the studio couldn't negotiate his many demands. But now the film has gone had scheduled some pick up shots and four of them are brand new scenes, with Dustin in them. Which is funny because there's a preview out and everything! Anyway, it's good news. Never underestimate the power of a dump truck full of money backing its way up Dustin Hoffman's driveway. It's a force that can move mountains. [Deadline]