A man who built a career from infantile honking, exuberant hyperbole, and laughing out loud has written his first-ever blog post. In retrospect, it should have been obvious: Pee Wee Herman was made for the internet age.

Pee Wee is promoting his comedic comeback, which includes a Broadway show and strenuously arguing that he isn't a pervert. His first Huffington Post dispatch is like a parody of Huffington Post blogs, littered with exuberant exclamation points, OMG-speak, and self-congratulation:

I am blogging on the Huffington Post. OMG. Did anyone notice I am blogging on the Huffington Post? I am a Huffington Post blogger. I'm joining the premier blogging site, The Huffington Post. I have to catch my breath. I'm. Really. Excited.

The things Pee Wee loves best about the Huffington Post are the things everyone else mocks:

Anyway, HuffPo-ers, I love your catchy headlines. Like "Ground Zero Strippers Weigh In On Ground Zero Mosque." I have to say, that's really catchy! I bet all those words have never been used in the same sentence before.

Pee Wee coos praise for "beautiful, mysterious lady" Arianna Huffington, then rattles off the names of "REALLY important people" writing "REALLY fascinating pieces" for HuffPo. (Hyperlinked namedropping, just like a pro.) He uses the word "ironic" twice, then poses a question to French philosopher and fellow HuffPo contributor Bernard-Henri Lévy: "I know you are, but what am I?"

Pee Wee Herman's second act has begun. He has perfected the self-satisfied mania that is celebrity blogging. Once Arianna reads his post, the rapture may begin. [HuffPo, image via PeeWee.com]

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