It's rough out there for law school grads. Faced with loads of debt, a worthless degree, and few career prospects, some have already resorted to getting worthwhile jobs. Others have a better idea: complaining about it.

USA Today reports that many recent law school grads have found themselves unable to access the traditional young attorney's method of blowing off steam—furtively downing gin in the office at ungodly hours—because they've been unable to find a job, with an office. Instead of being thankful for the friends they made along the way and things like that, these young whelps are rising up. Mostly by complaining on anonymous blogs! But some are taking it further:

One recent grad even went on a hunger strike on Aug. 5. "We have a new crop starting, and no one's telling them anything about this," says Zenovia Evans, 28, of Denver, who uses the name "Ethan Haines" on her blog,

The first in her family to finish college, she says that "no one wants to say, 'Hey, career office, you failed me,' " but "I couldn't take this lying down." She says she owes more than $150,000 in loans.

Hey, it's not that bad. At least you're not trying to get a job as a Poli Sci professor! Although if you were, you'd certainly be in far less debt. Sorry. In any case, you can't put a price on learning, etc., boilerplate.

[Pic: Brendan Loy]