Yesterday's tour bus hostage fiasco in the Philippines that ended in eight deaths was big news. Luckily, we have reporters like CNN's Rick Sanchez and his crew to make it relatable: "It really does look like Speed."

Rick Sanchez just loves Twitter — he's on it all the time. Sanchez is the kind of guy that would tweet about stepping in dog shit and eating Cheerios for breakfast. In other words, that guy. In a video he posted yesterday, Sanchez is seen working frantically in the newsroom with his crew to get the Philippines hostage story together. "It's unbelievable television. It's like a movie of the week, the situation that's going on in the Philipines. The problem is, how do we set the hook well enough to make Americans, our viewers, care?" Sanchez wistfully asks the camera. One of his helpers stops by Rick Sanchez HQ to help him with the story's hook, and offers this: "It really does look like Speed." If you can peg an international news story to a Keanu Reeves movie, you're golden!

And as hard as it may be for CNN reporters to admit, the story isn't always about them. As Sanchez so nobly points out: "Letting a story be a good story… get out of the way. My hunch is, that's the way we need to play this today." Good hunch, Rick. Eight people dying in a hail of gunfire is not about you.

Glenn Beck was right on so many levels.