Jersey Shore quote machine The Situation has reportedly signed up for ABC's Dancing with the Stars. With that gig, he'll probably make even more than the shocking $5 million he'll pull in this year. Where does the cash come from?

It comes from Jersey Shore itself, for which he's now making $60,000 an episode. His manager, Mike Petolino, also says he'll earn $1 million in appearance fees this year. Then he also has a clothing line, a single, nutritional supplements, a book deal, and an exercise video in the works. Petolino says all those projects combined will net him $5 million smackers in 2010:

He has been able to secure many endorsement deals, business opportunities and additional television offers based on the success of the show. Our goal has always been to try to build a brand if the situation presented itself.

Did he really just make that "situation" pun? Isn't that his client's job?

Still, The Situation's bound to make even more if he does go on Dancing with the Stars, as is being reported. His show gets good ratings for MTV, but DWTS gets good ratings for ABC, which is an even larger and totally different audience. Your mom would never watch Jersey Shore but Dancing with the Stars is probably her favorite show. If it happens, he'll have exposure to a whole new market and even more clout than before, and Dancing with the Stars will secure the younger audience that he'll most likely pull in (and which the show could use). It's a win win for everyone, especially if you're fond of watching orangey abs do the paso doble. For those who don't, well, maybe there are some Lawrence Welk reruns on PBS or something, because The Situation is about to be on every other channel.

[Image via Bauer-Griffin]