Today at Gawker.TV, the Today Show hosts dislike the word "suck," Bachelor Jake Pavelka's acting debut, Rob Corddry and Oscar Nunez appear on The Soup, and a father takes out an ad in the local paper to embarrass his daughter.

Today Show Hosts Grapple Over Saying the Word "Suck" on Television
This morning on the The Today Show, Ann Curry was rubbed the wrong way by the repetitive use of the word "suck." Watch as she gets uncomfortable and the others begin to antagonize her by saying it over and over.

Oscar Nunez and Rob Corddry Appear on The Soup, Shenanigans Ensue
Friday's Soup featured some friends to help aid in the destruction of last week's happenings in pop culture. The Office's Oscar Nunez and Childrens Hospital's Rob Corddry make fun of Tila Tequila's Juggalo mishap, Justin Beiber, and Dina Lohan.

Father Uses Public Humiliation to Punish His "Perfect Daughter" for Breaking Curfew
16-year-old Kirstin Rausch had friends over later than she was supposed to. So as a punishment, her father took out an ad for 30 hours of free babysitting, complete with a picture of her face, in the local newspaper.

Bachelor Jake Pavelka Type-Cast as Washed Up Reality Star in His Acting Debut
During last night's Drop Dead Diva, The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka made his grand acting debut, playing a dating/reality show contestant who's attempting to get an acting career off the ground. So in other words, a giant stretch from real life.

Children's Hospital Fights Cancer But Cancer Fights Back
After running old episodes from its web series, Children's Hospital debuted all new material tonight, and—clearly—cancer never had a chance.