There have been a lot of wild marijuana plants spotted growing on the streets of New York this summer. Today we learn about hallucinogenic plants turning up in Brooklyn alleys. Why pay for drugs when you can pick them yourself?

City Room's Ava Chin was walking in an alley in Gowanus, Brooklyn and saw a wild Jimsonweed (Datura stramonium) plant, known to some as devil's trumpet, mad apple and locoweed. It's a hallucinogen with side effects that include "dilated pupils, racing heartbeat, hallucination, delirium, combative behavior and in severe cases, coma and seizures." In other words, this shit will fuck you up.

Want to know what tripping on Jimsonweed is really like? "Mad Mike," a "self-taught expert" on Jimsonweed can tell you about his personal experiences in the video below: "I've seen hobby horses and like weird things on the side of the road, you know, like sparkly horse unicorn type things. Like transparent unicorns..."