Today at Gawker.TV, Stephen Colbert wishes President Obama had announced the war's end with more gusto, Melissa Joan Hart talks about child stars, and Jennifer Aniston and Jon Stewart awkwardly recall the date they went on over 15 years ago.

Jennifer Aniston and Jon Stewart Awkwardly Recall a Date From 15 Years Ago
It's a breath of fresh air to see Jennifer Aniston talking about something other than her position on single parenting. On last night's Daily Show, the two semi-awkwardly recall a date they went on in the mid-90s.

Melissa Joan Hart Explains it All About Being a "Normal" Child Star
Poster girl for early-90s Nickelodeon appeared on Today to talk about her new sitcom (that also stars Joey Lawrence—whoa!) When Hoda Kotb asks how she's so put-together, Hart reveals her current suburban life in Connecticut with her family.

Chelsea Handler Explains Why She Was Tapped to Host the MTV Video Music Awards
The announcement that Chelsea Handler would be the host of this year's Video Music Awards came as a surprise to many. Chelsea explains, "When you think of rap music and hip hop, you think of Chelsea Lately." Riiight.

Stephen Colbert: Pizza Delivery Slogans More Exciting than Obama's End Of War Statement
It's "End of the Iraq War" party time over on The Colbert Report! Balloons! Celebrations! Shout-outs to George W. Bush! Stephen wishes President Obama had announced this with more gusto. The most epic end of war statement idea ever, inside.

Futurama: The Perils of Mind-Switching
Tonight's episode was proof that switching bodies with someone else is never as fun as Freaky Friday makes it look. The machine asks an important question: would you switch bodies with a 180-year-old man just to pig out on snacks?