Exciting news, comrades: Our Facebook friendship with North Korea is "awaiting confirmation." The North Korean government has apparently set up an official Facebook page. But they only have 65 friends. And North Korea is gay?

The AP reports that North Korea set up the Facebook page under the username "uriminzokkiri," which means "on our own as a nation." This follows North Korea launching Twitter and YouTube accounts and opening a social-networking front in its PR war with South Korea. (South Korea has responded by blocking North Korea's accounts.)

Except: Is this Facebook page really North Korea? Here's the page (click to enlarge):

Click to viewSo… North Korea—owner of the world's fourth-largest army, population 23 million—has just 65 friends, is gay, and interested in networking? And most of the activity on North Korea's wall has been by a guy named "Janathan Raptor Kraus." Frankly, this looks more like the profile page of a middle-aged manager of a Secaucus, NJ Hollister than a nuclearized Communist state. And why would they open a personal page instead of a fan page? Some prankster is going to tag North Korea in a Facebook Places check in at the White House and World War III will start!

Update: Now the page is down.

[Picture of Kim Jong Il "liking" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's "Death to the West" status update by AP]

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