Tabloid hussie-hisser Andrea Peyser usually ends up writing about sex fiends, but that's only because sex fiends are the city's greatest menace. She is always alert for other menaces. Like bicyclists—foreigner bicyclists.

Andrea's column today is a reasonable call for all of our city's terror bikers to be rounded up by the police and, I don't know, dumped off the coast of Staten Island or something. She takes her own life in her hands by finding an actual bicyclist to interview, and wouldn't you know it:

Taking my life into my hands, I stopped deliveryman Ivan Zamora, 25, as he ignored signs and rode in the opposite direction of arrows painted on First Avenue. He removed his noise-blocking headphones.

"I think it's OK" to ride the wrong way, said Zamora. "The cops no give me a ticket."

Christ, first he rides a bike, and then he's what, some sort of Mexican? Pulitzer Prize in foreign correspondence, for Andrea Peyser.

[NYP. Pic: Lauri Apple]