Warner Brothers cannot abide its cash-generating boy wizard's name being taken in vain. Especially when it comes to condoms. They're suing the makers of the Swiss condom brand "Harry Poppers" for copyright infringement. Google Translate, do your stuff!

According to the Swiss newspaper Bote:

The lawyer of the film Giant, "Everyone who sees condoms from thinks automatically of Harry Potter." No one could seriously argue the opposite. Deliberately feed on the sex shop from the image of magician's apprentice: youthfulness, magic. On the package a signed Pariserli swings glad his wand. The unmistakable Rundbrille not missing. The condom-seller extended-range Popper be gradually since 2006, a successful product.

"If this does not stop the court, there is a wildfire," cautioned the applicant's lawyer. For Warner Brothers is obvious: The sorcerer Harry Potter have a "very positive image." Condoms have no business there. Especially not now. According to Warner Bros. in November to plan the launch of the new Potter movie. Also a new video game is in preparation. The lawyer for Warner Bros. bluntly: "The image of my client is in danger."

Just goes to reinforce the old Swiss aphorism: "Never deliberately feed on the sex shop." (Via Jac-Sweetie)