A wacky British-born Internet entrepreneur who wants to be entertained, and perhaps even promote a website, is offering $1 million for someone to flash Barack Obama, on camera. How is this not a great deal?

British billionaire Alki David has one condition for his payout: the word "Battlecam" must be written across the naked thrill-seeker's chest, to promote David's video-sharing website of the same name. Although it's already being promoted now that everyone's just writing about this stunt proposal! Now we see why he's a billionaire, and the rest of us are just clickers.

David's already been contacted by 150 to 160 potential flashers, and it's probably dozens more by the hour. There aren't many better opportunities to make money these days than by performing naked monkey tricks for our entrenched billionaire class. But hey, at least you get to "meet" the President for this one.

[Image via Getty]