First they invaded where you sleep. Then they invaded where you work. Now they are invading where you go to forget the miseries of the world for a few hours. Bedbugs have been found in a New York movie theater.

And not just any movie theater. The AMC Empire 25 in Times Square, a popular spot for lonely people getting off work who don't want to go home to their empty apartments just yet and teenagers from Staten Island on group dates. AMC shut their whole shit down last night to spray, and will do so again in two weeks. Which, OK, sure. Have fun spraying for your bedbugs and then asking people to spend a million dollars to sit in your dark rooms for two hours, movie theater. That sounds like something that reasonable people are going to want to do. Man, this is almost worse than when the Dave & Buster's had that cholera outbreak. Almost.

So now that bedbugs have invaded that happy place, expect them next at Disney World, then your nana's house, and then the place where you sit and watch TV most days because what else is there to do. After that, they'll just crawl into your brain and kill you.