Speaking of complaints about the incoming college Class of 2014, here's another one: they're not smart enough to be in college. No, really.

The Wall Street Journal, a newspaper written at a reading level that exceeds the grasp of America's high school senior class, reports that those seniors who are happily going off to college with all their designer clothes and Ramen noodles and Trapper Keepers and illegal drugs are missing one thing: knowledge.

In the recent results, only 24% of the graduating class of 2010 scored high enough on the ACT in math, reading, English and science to ensure they would pass entry-level college courses. This is a slight uptick from last year, when 23% were ready for college, and from 2008, when 22% were ready.

And the ACT is only taken by 47% of the graduating class—presumably, the ones actually interested in going to college. The real fuckups aren't even included. At this rate, the majority of college-bound high school grads will be ready to go to college by 2037. In the meantime, there are plenty of foreign wars going on, kids. They always need warm bodies.

[WSJ. Pic via]