Today at Gawker.TV, Joey Lawrence explains the origin of his "whoa," Stephen Colbert takes on gay marriage, Betty White chats about her guest spot on Community, and Justin Long, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis play hosts to the WWE.

Stephen Colbert: Los Homosexuales Are Coming!
Continuing his coverage on the homosexual community, Colbert somehow managed to keep from calling himself gay while simultaneously providing a solution to the burgeoning acceptability of gay marriage throughout North America.

An Odd Choice of Hosts for WWE Raw: Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, and Justin Long
Justin Long, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis promoted their new movie Going the Distance on WWE by becoming wrestling's Masters of Ceremonies for one night. We'd be lying if we said we weren't disappointed in the lack of Green Man.

How Many Teen Movie References Can You Spot In Last Night's RJ Berger?
The high school dance is the backbone of nearly every teen rom-com. Since RJ Berger is the cumulative tele-version of that genre, it isn't hard to spot a bunch of teen movie references in this week's episode.

Joey Lawrence Explains the Origin of "Whoa!"
Joey Lawrence stopped by Regis and Kelly to discuss his latest project, but who wants to hear about that? Today, as I'm sure it always does, the conversation shifted to his Blossom days and Joe told his story of "Whoa!"

Betty White Interviewed on the Set of Community
The Daily Ten sat down with Betty White between takes of her guest spot on the upcoming season premiere of Community to discuss her recent exploits and evaluate the talents of various "hot as a pistol" co-stars.