Kevin Kristopik—the 15-year-old whose phone number Justin Bieber tweeted to his 4.5 million followers as punishment for Kristopik hacking his friend's Twitter account—has taken to Inside Edition to demand an apology from the teen heartthrob.

Kevin, whose hairstyle is reminiscent of Bieber's, sat besides his mother for the interview.

"I am sorry for meddling into your life," Kevin tells Justin. "But I think you owe me an apology, too."

Kevin says that he has learned "once you put something on the Internet, it is almost impossible to get it off."

Kathy Kristopik, Kevin's mom, tells Inside Edition that Justin's revenge was too much. "Kevin was just hoping that Justin Bieber would text him back," she says.

Moral of the story: Your teen idol hates you, and if you piss him off, you're screwed. Internet justice can be a painful thing, to the tune of 26,000 text messages in one night. [TVGuy, InsideEdition]


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