Here's to Williamsburg: from gritty industrial backwater to artist haven to fauxhemian playground to yuppie Disneyland, in only a few short years. There's no use fighting it any more, rebel kids. The "boutique hotel with rooftop pool" is coming.

And once the Boutique Hotel With Rooftop Pool gets its claws in somewhere, you know it's all over. In development: Hotel Williamsburg, where "residents of the condominium buildings [next door] will be able to lounge at the hotel pool or rooftop bar, order an in-home massage or have the concierge book a table at Nobu."

Or at The Russian Tea Room! Or at Morimoto! Or at any other restaurant located across the bridge, in Manhattan! The hotel's developer tells the NYT that it will do "what the Gansevoort did for the meatpacking district or the Rivington did for the Lower East Side."

Oh, there's no doubt of that. Not one bit. Hipster Fauxhemian kickball is now literally a mere tableau played out in front of the eyes of waking business travelers. It's gonna take a lot more than glue in bike locks to get the yuppies out now, kids. Although we encourage you to try, try, and try again!

[NYT. Curbed has a shitload of photos.]